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The painting looks amazing. I am very happy with the work you guys did for me. I am very impressed. Thank you very much for your hard work. Best Regards,

Charlie, Love the paintings, they are amazing. Thank you also for the great communication. It makes the whole experience of purchasing unseen art better. I really appreciate it.
Brady Morehead

Charlie, she loved it! She intends to frame it and show it at her book signings, thanks for your help. I have another car photo headed your way soon.
Dan C.

Hi Charlie
You won't believe it but the Cadillac Ambulance painting arrived last Friday afternoon just in time for the farewell reception of our colleague! PERFECT TIMING! Our colleague absolutely loved the painting - A JOB WELL DONE!!!!
Thanks for your excellent work.
Best regards

Paulette Kloppers - Holland

Hi Charlie I did received the Porsche, ambulance with my Husband portrait, it arrived yesterday, It looks amazing!! the framer thought it was so good he's going to order one....
thanks for everything!!

Jasmyn - AB Canada

“I LOVE IT! Oh my God, thank you!”
Karen NJ USA

Charlie, Job well done, the painting looks great. thanks,
Patrick - Ireland

Charlie, it's perfect!! Mustang Convertible At first, I didn't even realize it was a painting, because it's so and your artist even worked in the blue grill emblem on the front, without a picture. You guys are great, I am truly amazed by your artist's ability. Anyway, no changes are necessary. I am in awe of the painting. And I can't believe you're done already! I am going to be hard pressed to wait for five months to give this to my fiance! I can't wait until he sees it.
Carole CT USA

Hi Charlie, The painting Ford Ranger painting looks amazing; thank you again for all your help!
Shawn - IL USA

Hi Charlie, The Ferrari Enzo painting looks absolutely fantastic!! I will be taking it in tomorrow to get framed! What a great Xmas present this is going to make.
Thanks so much for all the hard work,

Hayley – MA USA

Hi Charlie, I just opened my Bentley’s painting, it looks great, they frame it next week. I may have another in a few weeks for you to do.
Thank you

Gary - NJ USA

Hi Charlie, The paintings 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1957 Cadillac, and the 1957 Chevrolet Belair, they look fantastic. I'm taking them to a frame shop. I will be hanging them with my car collection. Everybody that looked at them thought they were fantastic.
Thanks very much I'll probably be back.

Bob – WA USA

Charlie, Received my Jensen FF painting today - wow ! I will definitely order more. Just need to make sure the digital photos I have are great so that they are worthy of the paintings! Thanks again.
Dan – TX USA

Charlie, Yes I've received the Lotus and McLaren paintings, they look good, thanks.
Robert – CA USA

Hi Charlie, I loved the Dodge Viper painting.  Well done!!  I plan on showing it to the Viper Club.   Just may be sending you some additional vehicles in the future.
Thanks again,

Gus - IL.USA
Hello Charlie, I have just had the TR3 and the Bentley Continental framed in Black and they are now hanging in my boardroom. I am very pleased with them. I am now studying what walls are left blank in my office!!! I used to have a Ford GT before divorce! That could look good. Many thanks and best wishes

Surrey UK
Charlie, Finally got back and was able to see the Mustang painting today - it's gorgeous!!! It's absolutely perfect - the car looks flawless and you did a great job capturing the background farm land and trees. It's going to be the owner's birthday present this month and I know he is going to love it - definitely something we will keep for the rest of our lives. Many thanks for creating something so special! All the best,
Amanda NY USA

Hi Charlie,
I saw the painting and it looks really amazing - I find it hard to believe that it IS a painting. I have to say that the artist did a REALLY good job - it's quite beautiful!
Many thanks

Michael Canada

I simply did a search online for antique car art work. My husband collects classic cars and I was looking for something special for his birthday/Father's Day. Your site was one of the first that came up, and after browsing a few other sites, yours was just what I was looking for. I appreciate your efforts and the short time frame the paintings (Cadallac and Cord) are wonderful!

Wendi PA USA

WOW! That's all I can say! I received the painting yesterday. I am speechless (which is very hard to do, incidentally), but this painting is tremendous. I am looking at it in awe as it is spread across my dining room table. It is truly magnificent. Andy really captured EXACTLY what I was looking for. In fact, it's everything that I hoped for and more. You guys have a great thing going here and I am so glad that I located you on the internet. You have a very professional company that produces a phenomenal product, the likes of which I never see where I live (the Philadelphia metropolitan area). Keep up the great work. I will ensure that everyone I know hears about you guys. Have a great holiday and keep up the great work!!!

Lou PA - USA

Jan 2008
Hi Charlie
The painting (a Christmas gift for my husband) arrived over the weekend - I've not seen it yet, but my mum says it's really lovely! I'll collect it from her on the 15th.
Please pass on my thanks to Andy!
Thanks for all your help!

Berkshire UK

The Firehawks painting is beautiful! We love it. Thank you so much!

Susie KY USA

Received the painting - very nice - being framed. Will probably order a couple of more shortly.

Hi Charlie, Thank you for the wonderful job. It exceeded my expectations! 1969 Mustang Mach One Cobrajet
Robert W MN-USA

Hi Charlie, I received the painting (SLK350) and I am very pleased. It will soon hang in my office. Thanks for everything
Daniel Fielding TX-USA

Charlie, I picked up my BMW 635 painting today and it looks really good, thanks,.
Brian Wong IL -USA

Charlie, Let me begin...WOW!!! I am so blown away by the amazing Corvette C5R Daytona painting I received in the mail today. Buying something without seeing it is always like taking a gamble, however I could not have imagined it would have turned out so favorable for me! All I can say is I'll be back for more. Thanks.
Brady Morehead WI-USA

Hi Charlie, I would like to say a few words about your business I was treated like I was the only customer all the way throughout the entire process. I was kept up to date every step of the way, Jimmy even modified my painting ( 81 Camaro) when I wanted a color changed. I will not hesitate to call on you again should I ever have another painting done. First class professionals all the way. Thanks Charlie!!
Jessica Hawkins WA-USA

Hi Charlie, Just wanted to let you know that my 54 Cadillac painting arrived yesterday (Sunday). I was quite surprised to see the Postal Service making a delivery on Sunday, but the guy said deliveries of (EMS) Express Mail packages are made on Sundays. The painting is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to have it framed and up on my wall. Thank you so much for getting the painting done so expertly and so fast. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

Charlie, I was on holiday the for the first delivery, but I arranged a second delivery for this morning and everything worked out fine. The BMW painting looks really nice, thanks for your professional and reliable service! It is much bigger than I expected - now I'm searching for a suitable frame!
Thanks again and all the best from Zurich.

Elke - Switzerland

Charlie, I received my second Porsche painting. It looks awesome! Thanks again,
Kyle Wass RI- USA

Yes Charlie, got the painting last week and have already framed it. in fact I gave the painting to Chip Foose tonight and he was very impressed! He really dug it. Thanks again!
Chris - CA USA

Hey Charlie, I received the painting of my father Racing his Porschetoday. All I can say is wow! I'm speechless! Very impressive! This experience will be highly recommended to many friends of mine. Please send me another painting exactly same. I can't keep this painting for myself. I must give it to its rightful owner, my father. I would like to purchase another painting of the exact same. Just send me another Paypal request.

Kyle Wass RI- USA

Hello Charlie, Yes my Frazer Nash painting arrived yesterday, it's great! Many thanks,
Paul - UK

Hi Charlie, I like my Autounion painting very much. It turned out so much better than I expected. In fact after my sister saw the painting, she says she plans to order one for her husband as birthday gift.
Thanks again,

Glenn Chou - CA USA

Charlie, Having received, and was very satisfied with my last order of the yellow Porsche 993 TTS, I am commissioning a painting of my other car, The Ferrari ENZO. Hope to talk to you soon.
Edward - CA USA

Hi Charlie, I indeed received the beautiful oil panting of my project Chevy pickup. I like it very much and your painting is getting a prominent place in my living room. When the car is finished i'll come back to you for a new painting ,I will send you a nice picture in nice setting. But that will be this time next year
ok best regards

Harry - Holland

Charlie, I arrived in town the other day to see my family. Naturally I wanted to see the present I had purchased for my father. All I can say is: AWE. Your company did a fantastic job with this custom piece. I am not only completely satisfied to the fullest, but solemnly pledge that when my father purchases his next Porsche, a 996 or 997 perhaps by then Carrera 4S, I will be having an oil done. Again, I am more then completely happy with your product. My mother even told me she had never seen Dad light up that way from anything she ever gave him. LOL!
Mark McCullough Customer For Life - USA

Hello Charlie,
Yes the Mercedes Benz painting arrived and it is better than good. Thank You Very Much,
Rudolf - NJ USA
Hi Charlie,
Thank you very much for the painting of my Willys Americar. It arrived yesterday, Jimmy Lee did a fine job of the painting and I'll send photos of it once it has been framed. Best Regards

Garry - South Africa

Hi Charlie,
I want to say thank you. I received the Lincoln painting today. It looks great. I took it right over to my father's house. He loves it! Do you do other work besides autos and heroes?
Thanks again.

Donna - NY USA

Hi Charlie, I loved the Ferrari painting, and my girlfriend took the painting immediately to get it framed. It will look prestigious    in my office once its framed.
Thank you so much.

Brandon - TX USA

Hello Charlie, We have received the Nigel Mansel F1 racing car painting and it looks really super. My husband is really pleased with it. It arrived safely to my work yesterday.
Hopefully when our friends see it there may be other orders for you.

Yvonne - UK

Hi Charlie, The Buick Reatta painting arrived today and it is beautiful. Thanks a million again for another job well done. If you put it on the website, let me know, and I'll put a post on the Reatta Owner's Club website and tell others what a nice job you do on these, thanks again.
Bob - OH USA

Got the Jag XKRpainting it looks great thanks
Robert - RI USA

Hi, Charlie,
Yes the XKE painting arrived and we already have it nicely framed. We took it to the Jaguar club of Florida meeting to show everyone and it was very well received and it's prominent display will hopefully result in more interest in your work and more orders for you.
Thanks so much for this beautiful piece - we love it!
All the best,

Jaguar Club of Florida

Charlie, The painting Mazda racing cars arrived safe and sound. I thought the photo you sent looked great, but it didn't do the painting justice. Thanks for the quick service and great price. I'm very satisfied. Like everyone else, I can't wait to get it framed and hung. Congratulate Andy for me. Thanks again
Bill - MD USA

Hi Charlie, yes I received the Corvette painting last week and I emailed you letting you know that it was wonderful. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Thanks again the painting is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie - NY USA

Charlie, The Ferrari painting is great, very pleased now its arrived! - Regards,
Gary - UK

Hi Charlie, yes the Chevy painting arrived Monday and I am very pleased with it. Thank you so much, I can not wait to get it framed.
Susan - USA

Charlie, received the 2 paintings a few days ago and they look great! They're at the framer now. I'll take some photos of the finished product and will e-mail them to you. Hope you've gotten a few orders from my car buddies.
Lou - USA

Hi, thank you for this masterpiece, it does look very nice indeed, you did a very good job, and I would like to congratulate the artist. The setting is meaningful to me, as well as the TR3 car itself, a unique piece to me. Thanks a lot again Charlie. I'll come back to you in the near future.
Stan - France

Charlie, I am thrilled with the Jaguar picture. Not only is it beautiful, and proportioned perfectly, but the special number on the license plate was done properly, and the color matches my car exactly. Well done, and thank you!
Bob - USA

Charlie, The Porsche painting did indeed arrive in time. I thank you. My father has reported to have loved it. I will see for myself in the near future.
Mark - USA

The    Mustang arrived about January 3rd. Being framed now - - - will send photo later. Thanks again - - - you made my niece very happy
John - USA

Charlie, I did receive the Ferrari F1 painting. It looks great! I'm looking for an appropriate frame this week. Thank you for the great piece
Kevin - USA

Hi Charlie, I received the Bentley Continental painting yesterday. Thanks for the quick service, it looks very nice. It will be quite a surprise
Brandon - USA

Charlie please congratulate Andy also with the FANTASTIC job he/you (his name is under it) did on the Clemons Special
Joris - Holland

Charlie, I received the paintings today, December 26. Thank you very much. They both look great! I can't wait to see them framed and in his office. Be blessed !
Barbara - USA

Charlie, got the painting of the Cobra, it's brilliant, thanks a lot.
Dave - UK

Hello Charlie, Indeed, the Viper painting arrived just this morning and boy is it ever beautiful! It's just fantastic. I'm amazed at how clear and realistic it looks. Thank you very much for the your wonderful work, it's unlike any other car art I own personally, that much is certain. I only hope I can find a frame to match the painting, it will not be easy.
Daniel Guillamot - Publishing Inc.- Canada

Hi Charley, the painting arrived today. Well packed and in good shape. I think I like it very much! I took it to the framer at once in order to keep it as a secret for my wife. Her birthday is 2 weeks, so the painting is well on time. I'll let you know what she thinks about it when she gets it. Best regards!
Hans. - Holland

Charlie, I've got the painting, everything is in order. Thank you very much. Looking forward to dealing with you again very soon. Cheers,
Edward USA


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