Terms & Conditions

We offer the lowest prices possible without compromising the quality of the painting in anyway. We contact you by email to confirm the charge and delivery address before shipping.
Each picture is painted by hand, a work of art created by a single artist and signed, without using any mechanical aides, or production line methods. We begin the painting once we've cleared your order and we keep you informed every step of the way, paintings take about 7 - 21 days to complete depending on size and detail.

Our paintings are works of art, not photographs, each created by hand and therefore will always be an interpretation of a photo or an original. The artist will create original paintings by copying from photos supplied, the photos are not reproduced, they are only used as reference for shape size and details, we do not reproduce copyright photos, we use them as reference only and are not the finished product.
All of the dimensions listed are standard sizes, it's normal to round up the dimensions if we need to. However, if required this difference is generally about no more than .5'' to 1.5''.

CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) agrees to supply one or more original oil paintings, depicting images generated by  (Hereinafter referred to as "Goods") to a private purchaser, collector, gallery, company, agent or other legal entity, (Hereinafter referred to as "Buyer") solely on the basis of the following Terms & Conditions of sale, in the absence of any other such Terms & Conditions specifically agreed in writing by CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises), which shall constitute the entire agreement between CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) and Buyer.
In accepting to proceed with purchase, Buyer confirms that it is fully aware of and will abide by all conditions as defined within these Terms and Conditions.
Buyer also agrees that any subsequent re-sale of Goods shall be made contingent to these same Terms and Conditions and the subsequent Buyer shall be made aware of and shall agree to be bound by them accordingly.

Ownership of Goods does not in itself entail any right to reproduce it in any form, in whole or part. It is the normal Industry practice and International Law for such copyright to remain with the artist. No reproduction rights whatsoever are imparted with the sale of Goods and the copyright of all images will remain with CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) unless specifically prior agreed in writing by CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises).
Buyer also agrees to indemnify CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) in the event of unauthorized reproduction of Goods, arising from its possession.

Taxes and other duties:
Prices quoted are inclusive. However, import duties and / or Customs duties imposed at the destination country are Buyer's responsibility.

Goods will be dispatched within thirty working days of payment receipt and Buyer will be simultaneously notified of dispatch along with the courier's tracking details and an expected date of delivery. All risks remain with CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) and its agents until Goods are delivered.
Notwithstanding the above, CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) will accept no responsibility in respect of non-delivery of Goods, unless Buyer notifies CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) and the relevant carrier within seven days of the expected delivery time advised in the notice of dispatch.

All Goods are fully insured by CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) against damage or loss whilst ever in the possession of CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) and during shipment to Buyer.
Export / import restrictions:
It is Buyer's responsibility to determine any import restrictions that may apply within the destination country, relevant to the specific Goods being ordered, before placing an order with CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for Goods confiscated within country of delivery and not returned intact to CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises). Notwithstanding the above, CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) and its agents will make every effort to check any such restrictions that may apply and notify buyer accordingly at the time of order.

Because each painting is made to order for each client, the buyer cannot cancel the order, because the custom order cannot be resold to another customer.

Defective goods:
Goods must be fully inspected immediately upon delivery and any loss or damage noted on the carrier's delivery documents at the time of signing for Goods.
If packing is damaged upon delivery, Buyer should take photographs of the damaged packaging. If Goods are damaged upon unpacking, Buyer should take photographs of the damage.
If Goods are accepted without inspection, this must be stated on the carrier's delivery documents at the time of signing for Goods, though carrier then has no further responsibility for damage or loss.
Buyer must notify CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) and the carrier of any loss or damage to Goods in writing within three days of receipt of Goods.
CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) will either remedy all damages without cost to Buyer, provide alternative replacement Goods with a credit payment or at an additional charge for the balance if the value differs from that of the original.

CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) will repair, replace or give credit, at the sole discretion of CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises).

Buyer may return Goods for a full refund (less any shipment and payment processing costs) within 14 days if not entirely satisfied. However the liability for the value of Goods remains with Buyer until CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) or its agent signs for receipt of the returned Goods.

Purchase of Goods and interpretation of these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of the Thailand.

Privacy policy:
Any information given to us by Buyers or potential Buyers in the course of enquiry or purchase will remainCARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) only to facilitate the completion of purchase. CARSART (Artfluent Enterprises) will not subsequently make any unsolicited contact with Buyer of others, or disclose information to any third party except in response to legitimate demands from law enforcement or other Government agencies.

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