Who we are

We are a British owned and managed online automotive art gallery established for 7 years, Jimmy Lee and Andy King are the 2 principle artists and we have several others who specialize in painting beautiful oil on canvas portraits of the worlds most beautiful automobiles. We can copy from photographs supplied to us by the customers and create you an original master piece.

We only sell real original art we do not sell posters or prints !

Select your favourite car from our catalogue, if we don't have your choice on our website supply us an original either by post or email and we will paint for you in glorious oil on canvas especially for you

Our artists have years of experience painting museum quality oil on canvass reproduction paintings completely by hand without mechanical or digital aides. We don't sell prints or posters; there are no electronically or mechanically produced images in our collection. Only carefully hand crafted oils on canvas using the best Windsor & Newton oil paints and fine quality canvass, making each one a unique work of art.

If we don't have your specific car here contact us !

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